Measure and improve beyond surveys webinar

Join our webinar on June 28th, to discover the CX landscape, the importance of measuring CX beyond surveys and successful CX case studies.

CX trends: the 2022 edition

Join Isidoros and Stavros in a 1-hour discussion about the Customer Experience and Loyalty trends that will dominate 2022 and discover how to measure and improve CX beyond surveys.

Customer Service departments play a primary role in Customer Experience and retention.

In Pobuca we have had a successful collaboration with Everest, one of the largest companies in the field of food and beverages in Greece.

In the omnichannel era, customers interact with your brand through multiple channels. It is easy for your customers to communicate with your brand.

The future of CX

Which will be the future CX challenges and trends? How can AI drive CX to the next level?