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    Today, advances in technology are once again transforming customer engagement capabilities and service delivery models. And this time, it’s about much more than getting best numbers on call deflection or cost reduction.

    Listening up to your customers

    Being a good listener can build mutual trust and confidence, being amongst the most valued skills in both personal and business relationships.

    Incorporating AI ethics

    It was 2018 when we started working on our new statement of purpose for Pobuca. The very same year where we put our focus into becoming an AI-first company, dedicating almost 80% of our R&D budget solely to AI-related advancements.

    "My demand as a woman is that my difference be taken into account so that I am not forced to adapt to a male model" Simone Veil, French politician.

    Man’s biggest illusion

    In the previous article we talked about a number of certainties around our lives and how they may be overturned because of AI. Let’s now talk about the biggest illusion of all that’s about to be unveiled before our own eyes in the years to come..

    Customer Experience can make, or break, your business. And that being so, it’s still hard to get a full grasp of it and make it really work. Why?

    Listening up to your customers; time to scale it up to the digital era  FEBRUARY 01, 2021 You are sitting on an

    To create is to exist?

    Artificial Intelligence is characterized by its ever-improving ability to mimic human behavior.

    The turning point in AI

    The turning point in AI NOVEMBER 16, 2021 One of the greatest SciFi movies of all times is “2001: A Space Odyssey”,

    What’s the difference between the creative power of game-playing AIs and the predictive AIs mostly used in business?

    I love science. I really do. There was a quote that I read lately about science, which I really like, as I think it encapsulates the very meaning of it, “it separates sense from non-sense”

    Customer Service bots have now become a reality for many and is only a matter of time before these 24/7, AI-driven, service agents become the actual frontliners of customer support across businesses.

    Back to the Future is, to those that already don’t know - really now? - a famous 1985 science fiction film, regarded as one of the greatest films of all time.

    From our digital self’s baby steps in those first days of the Internet, to our extravert edition in the social media, our digital self has been growing up year by year, side by side with our organic one.

    Wow, what a year! Who could imagine last year that I will be writing this letter amidst lockdown, missing all the great moments we had together before the pandemic, the lunch breaks, the parties, the jokes at the corridors, the meetings - yes, even the meetings!

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    CX Summit 2022

    Isidoros Sideridis participates as a speaker in "CX Summit 2022" with his speech “Measuring and improving CX beyond surveys”.

    Pobuca and Economist Events organize the virtual event AI at the dawn of 2021: Thinking outside the box.

    CX Summit 2021

    Isidoros Sideridis participates as a speaker in "CX Summit 2021" with his speech “Leverage AI to analyze customer feedback”.

    Isidoros is a guest at the TALKS series by Theofilos Vassiliadis and