CX enters a new, brave era, where CX professionals, from leaders to agents, will be required to have the right mindset that will drive their businesses to growth, longevity, and success. 

7 tips on building strong Customer Relationships

All business decisions can have an impact on how customers view their relationship with the company, as customer relationships, that is the sum of the connections that a company forms with a customer through interactions and purchases, can help businesses form the kind of loyal connections that lead to long-term profits.

Why brands cannot ignore Customer Experience

Customer Experience (CX) is nothing less than how your customers feel in the sum of their interactions with your business across all the available touchpoints of your organization. And at the very heart of CX’s importance, lies customer retention, as the very first step to be taken in building a community of people who care about your brand and your products.

Does the retail industry

Just one negative customer experience can make over a quarter of customers leave the brand for good; at the same time, catching those positive customer sentiments on the spot could be the driving force of customer loyalty.

Transforming speech analytics

In their quest for an even better Customer Experience, customer-facing companies are starting to understand that their quest might not have to go that far. The abundance of customer information across countless interactions through all channels that took place is an unopened treasure, with all that customers think about how business is done.

What is Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is contextual text mining of text that identifies and extracts subjective information to help a business to understand the social sentiment of their brand, product, or service while monitoring online conversations.