Listen to your customers

You are sitting on an unopened Customer Experience treasure. It’s about time to leverage AI to unlock it!

The challenge

Time to challenge the way things get done

Revise the well-established practice of customer experience surveys and get your valuable CX & Loyalty metrics though real voice or text conversations between your customers and your reps.

The hidden treasure you are one step away 

Leverage Artificial Intelligence and NLP (Natural Language Processing) to turn dark data into a competitive advantage, to understand what your customers say in natural language, either voice or text.

Time to start listening to your customers

Analyze your present and future customers’ interactions, assess the dark data by putting processing power into the equation across the customers’ interactions and turn them into valuable insights.

The benefits

Pobuca Experience Cloud will bring exceptional value to marketing and customer service execs, seamlessly, with zero friction or stress for the customers.

360 Analysis

Assess all customer communications in every touchpoint (phone, email, chat, social, reviews).


Know your customers based on what they say, find your brand ambassadors and create CX alerts for those that need immediate treatment and their opinion matters.


Use the right CX and Loyalty metrics as Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Loyalty Index (CLI) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) for your assessment.

Voice of Customer

Analyse customer feedback and build  Voice of Customer (VoC) insights.

Survey Positioning

Pinpoint the right customers to target your surveys to further optimise CX , use the right Metrics and VoC and validate the AI generated findings.

Feedback from your agents

Listen to your customer service agents, engaging them with feedback of how they could improve their business and share best practices.

Knowledge Base

Have a real-time analysis of your customer interactions with your agents, enhancing a knowledge base that could be used by human agents or bots.