The strategic partnership between two leading companies in the Greek market in the formation of Customer Experience (CX) has been announced, namely Pobuca, a pioneer in the development of CX applications since 2016, and Hatzi Filax Group, a training, and development group specializing in to help employees and businesses to uncover and "unlock" their skills and abilities in the human resources, to create successful businesses and to achieve personal development, across the direction of a holistic approach to the formation of Customer Experience that combines cutting-edge technology with the use of artificial intelligence and the most innovative and targeted training programs for human resources.

Loyalty awards 2022

Pobuca was awarded the Silver Award as "Best Loyalty Management Software" for Pobuca Experience Cloud and was distinct through its participation in the everest Bite Club program with Silver and Bronze Awards, in the “Food & Beverage” and "Most Innovative Initiative" categories.

Satori will offer Pobuca Experience Cloud to its customers, while Pobuca will use Satori’s advanced customer analytics services in CX and Loyalty projects.

Through its partnership with DUST + CREAM, Pobuca undertakes the installation of Pobuca Experience Cloud for the brand’s Customer Experience optimization.

An important first in the region of SE Europe, with the Pobuca platform being certified by Microsoft as an integrated system of added value in the Dynamics 365 ecosystem.

The big agreements that Pobuca closed and implemented in 2021 with leaders of the Greek and international market, led its turnover to 2.17 million euros for the year’s first half.