Virtual agents

In the omnichannel era, customers increasingly demand access to information any time and most importantly in their own pace. They want to express their inquiries through the same channels that they use in their daily lives, while their contact with the organizations needs to be frictionless.

A Virtual Agent is a new conversational touchpoint for your customers that is available 24/7 and can offer them personalized experiences via AI and NLU (Natural Language Understanding).

What is so special with Virtual Agents?

Instant forms of communication

Emails and phone calls are being replaced by messaging and social apps. A Virtual Agent that supports chat offers instant responses to your customers.

24/7 availability

Customers need to communicate any time from anywhere. A Virtual Agent can be a budget-friendly trusted and dedicated colleague that will be available 24/7 and patient enough to wait for your customers as long as they need.

Intelligent customers’ insights

A Virtual Agent, by leveraging AI, enables a different understanding of how customers speak, meaning that you can design your strategy afterwards to better respond to their needs.

Meet Pobuca Agent

Offer conversational experience to your customers using AI.

Leverage the power of an AI powered Bot

Create the AI skills of the Virtual Agent. Build a Knowledge Base. Integrate with 3rd party platforms. Escalate to human agents if needed. An extra channel for engagement campaigns.

Generic customer service

Answer to Q&As about your business (store locator, return policy, loyalty program, warranties etc), replace web forms for customer requests and complaint management with a more engaging dialog interface.

Post-Purchase experience

Order related questions, Where Is My Order (WISMO) queries, ordering automation, order related tasks (change of order, cancelation, return, repeat etc.), loyalty points & redeems management.