How AI can help retailers to upgrade CX

As we are approaching the post-pandemic era, we find many businesses have put their focus on artificial intelligence, with global spending on AI being expected to double by 2024, turning AI into a cornerstone of retail in the years to come.

Man’s biggest illusion

In the previous article we talked about a number of certainties around our lives and how they may be overturned because of AI. Let’s now talk about the biggest illusion of all that’s about to be unveiled before our own eyes in the years to come..

To create is to exist?

Artificial Intelligence is characterized by its ever-improving ability to mimic human behavior.

The turning point in AI

The turning point in AI NOVEMBER 16, 2021 One of the greatest SciFi movies of all times is "2001: A Space Odyssey", written by Arthur Clarke and directed by Stanley Kubrick.. It was the first time that Artificial Intelligence was so realistically integrated in a film, in the form of an intelligent...

AI and our illusions about life

I love science. I really do. There was a quote that I read lately about science, which I really like, as I think it encapsulates the very meaning of it, “it separates sense from non-sense”