Sales people

Sales people

Pobuca platform empowers your sales to go beyond salesforce automation and to know your customers and offer them a unique experience to build trust.


How we can help

Win more deals, and increase your revenue by tracking sales opportunities, understand customer needs, automate field sales execution with online and offline tools, and build a solid pipeline with a team of experts on your side.

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Communicate seamlessly

Communicate across channels and touchpoints with your peers and customers.

Win more deals

Focus on the right segments, identify patterns, and sell smarter with AI.

Know your lead

Get access to the full profiling of your leads or returning customers.

Turn data into insights

Gain insights, predict future behavior, and optimize the processes.


360° customer view

Update your end-to-end customer profiles automatically based on their offline and online transactions.

Sales productivity

Streamline the sales processes with intelligent automation of routine tasks and free up more time for your sellers.

Strong relationships

Communicate properly and on time with your customers via unified solutions and data across Pobuca, LinkedIn, and Microsoft 365.

Easy onboarding

Store sales knowledge about your business and customers in the Pobuca platform, train new sellers, and ask them to follow the process flows.

AI-driven sales

Focus on the right customers, build trusted relationships, highlight patterns in buyers’ responses based on AI technology that prioritizes and improves sellers’ tasks.

Lead nurturing assets

Understand customer preferences and pain points, engage them with the right content, keep in touch, meet their needs, and create a strong sales pipeline.

Loyalty scheme

Increase customer loyalty and engagement, boost retention, and reward your loyal customers with exclusive gifts and services.


Customer referrals

Start referral campaigns and reward satisfied customers that are more likely to recommend your brand to their network.

Customer journey

Design and launch multichannel marketing campaigns, nurture sales-ready leads, and align your sales and marketing teams.

Sales &marketing alignment

Share one source of information for contacts, leads, and customers to deliver consistent results across the buyer’s journey.

Smart multitasking

Monitor multiple marketing channels and gain insights, build custom dashboards to analyze performance, improve social engagement and conduct online surveys.

AI insights

Respond to trends faster with social and web insights and decode the customer conversations that help you gain more fans and build brand loyalty.

Customer engagement

Customer engagement Loyalty programs increase customer engagement through smart and seamless customer journeys, exclusive offers and 360° communication.

Lead nurturing

Respond to trends faster with social and web insights and decode the customer conversations that help you win fans and build brand loyalty.

Customer retention

Offer a flawless customer experience, reward your loyal customers with exclusive gifts and services, and increase customer retention.


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