Automate your insurance company processes, control service level and optimise customer experience through AI.


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Connecting your customers, employees, products, and operations and processing your big data through AI algorithms with insights on your customer’s experience and member journey.

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Member insights

Gain insight into the member experience to earn loyalty and improve CAHPS results.

360º access

Control access to brokers, policy holders, employees, in a centralized manner at minimal technical requirements.

Regulatory compliance

Make sure that regulations are met and alerts users about emerging trends such as spikes in complaints volume.

Customer journeys

Map customer journey and optimize its flow across your platform.

Database organisation

Process your big data and ensure that all data processes are secure and GDPR-compliant.


My account

A member creates a personal account to access insurance contract information, transactions and latest news.

Mobile app features

A personal assistant with contact details of stuff with access on the spot, records/documentation, tips & articles.

Loyalty program

Customer profile, points & rewards, news, chatbots, follow-ups, insurance articles.

Customer journeys

Map the overall website journey experience and track it across all devices.

Customer service

Evaluate call agents’ performance in terms of interaction, offered experience and empathy.

Member info

Collect members’ info, track their activity and contact them across different touchpoints.


Perform segmentation and personalized journeys based on customers’ interests and interactions.


Increase awareness, create seamless visitor experiences, and automate customer journeys.


Adopt an intelligent call center. Deliver tailored support across all digital channels with AI-enabled experiences and ensure consistency.


Manage and share your contacts with your peers with just a click. Automate everyday tasks with Pobuca bot, your virtual assistant.


Optimise your processes and control your service level, managing a policy’s entire lifecycle in a quick and friendly environment for your staff and customers


Get insights, predict behaviors, take better business decisions and drive your business to growth with BI.



Satisfied customers are more likely to recommend your products to their network, increasing your brand awareness.

Returning customers

As loyalty programs reward customers for their loyalty, they are more likely to continue using your services.

Improved ROI

Optimize your processes for a good return on investment for your organisation.

Customer engagement

Loyalty programs increase customers’ level of interaction with your organization, helping them to feel more engaged and connected.


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