Helping franchisors align business processes, grow unit numbers and sustain brand consistency across network.


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A franchise management software that provides franchisors and franchisees the tools to sync to a perfect fit throughout their operations and ensure a consistent brand image in the entire network.

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Align company’s vision and business model between franchisors and franchisees.


Provide the tools for a seamless communication through everyday operations.


Offer a unified brand experience across network and towards the consumers.


Business development

Analysing & ranking your potential franchisees, choosing the right property for your network expansion, setting up and completing recruitment tasks, managing contracts.


Streamlining the onboarding process, managing all tasks in one place, mobile app for field operations, site visits & audit, service management for commercial & technical issues.

AI bot

The AI chatbot for order placing, customer service and FAQ, Customized and personalized promo campaigns and Loyalty program information.


Collecting business contact data and communicating with franchisees' personnel, suppliers and coworkers, monitoring and evaluating franchisees’ performance, sales processes and related activities, getting business Insights through dashboards & BI reports.

Engagement & loyalty

Providing exceptional customer service through omni-channel - personalized campaigns, customer rewards for achieving repeat sales.


A platform that unifies customers’ demographics under GDPR standards and allows us to build customer profiles, from their shopping habits, online behavior, to campaigning and correlates them to information from social media.

Customer Success Services

The right tools to address the full scope of customer engagement challenges.


Lack of data insights to address current customer needs and trends.


Limited resources to undertake the full operation of a CRM plan​.


Outdated information on success metrics, KPI’s, ROI etc.

What we do

Α franchise management software that provides franchisors the tools to recruit more franchisees and ensure a consistent brand image in the entire network.

Network management

Helping franchisors and franchisees stay synced and connected across everyday operations and their business’ development.

Consumer engagement and loyalty

Providing exceptional customer service with omni-channel, personalized campaigns, repeat sales from customer rewards through the e-ordering bot.


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