Representatives of an automotive industry brand with a network of physical stores, offering a variety of pre-sales and after-sales services.


Unified customer profile

Create a unified profile of the customer to be accessed by any user easily and containing all relevant information.

Unified vehicle profile

Create a unified profile of the vehicles.


Maintain customer enquiries.

Customer experience

Improve customer experience in store & after sales using all available channels.

Revenues management

Increase revenues related with car service.

Customer support

Improve the overall performance of the customer support department.

In-store experience

Offer improved customer experience in store and after sales.


Improve overall productivity.


Unified customer profile

Demographics data, behavioural data, transactional data, full activities history.

Unified vehicle profile

Relationships with one or more owners, different views for vehicles owned by individuals or by companies, full service history (SKU level) including store of service and agent comments.


New cross-selling and up-selling opportunities for the active customers based on predictive algorithms, scheduled communication for service visits, different journeys for prospect customers depending on their profile, automated marketing campaigns via Email, Viber, SMS, push notifications and phone calls assignments, loyalty rewards based on performance or spending.


Opportunity management, lead scoring, automated for cross-selling (extra equipment) to funnel sales and service leads from every source (showroom, Internet, service, phone, etc.), full sales pipeline, onboarding workflows.

Integration with back office systems

ERP system (transactional details), warehouse management system, PowerBI.


Corporate objectives

Defining company’s and customer’s objectives, both qualitative and quantitative on mission statement, objectives, requirements, fundamental KPIs and time planning.

Best practices

Enhancing decision making with latest loyalty trends and best practices, potential limitations, preferable characteristics and reward types based on profit and company’s strategy.

Solution characteristics

Defining the loyalty scheme characteristics and setting the metrics on topics such as awarded points ratio, loyalty tiers/levels and overall performance indicators.

Core processes

Designing registration, reward and redemption processes by optimising the existing IT infrastructure by leveraging existing technologies and ensuring seamless integration.

ROI analysis

Projecting ROI based on industry–focused ROI patterns and models that include financial data and realistic assumptions on how to effectively influence the consumer behaviour.


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