Marketing campaigns to drive success

Create long-term relationships with your customers by using a 1:1 marketing approach through all digital touchpoints. Decrease marketing budget by investing in targeted, personalized campaigns and easily monitor real-time campaign progress.

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AI analysis & metrics

Use customer data, such as campaign interactions, website, mobile app or social media activity, demographics, and shopping habits to send personalized content and predict future behaviors.

Omnichannel approach

Choose your preferred communication channel (email, SMS, Viber, push notification, chatbot, etc.) and your ideal criteria for the intended recipients and create your marketing campaigns.

Campaigns personalization

Customize your email campaigns based on your customers’ data, preferences, e-shop visits, previous orders, wish-lists, locations, generate customer personas and create tailor-made content and design.

Engagement strategies

Leverage your communication channels with targeted marketing campaigns and actions based on real customer data- such as behavioral and demographics analytics, interactions, etc.

Performance optimization

Optimize the overall campaign performance, predict future buying behaviors, offer personalized customer experience, and receive recommendations through analytical reporting based on AI and ML.

Metrics & deep data

Improve future campaign performance by utilizing AI deep data, key-metrics, ML algorithms, and detailed statistics from the email campaign delivery (open, clicks, delivery report, popular devices).

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Real-time captures

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Case studies

Find out more about our success stories and how our customers made the most out of our services.


    February 19, 2020 vodafone

    It reliably supports the daily needs of consumers and businesses and actively contributes to the economic and social development in Greece.



    February 18, 2020 kafkas

    In light of its constant development, Kafkas S.A. needed an effective customer relationship management system (CRM).



    February 10, 2019 vero-sa

    "An omnichannel approach, introducing, not only a traditional card, but also a mobile app and a microsite".


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