Schneider Electric

FEBRUARY 10, 2020

"i-NRG4U reward program. 70 POS covered produced 1000+ registrations, from diffused markets".

Schneider Electric has been operating successfully in the Greek market for 40 years (nearly half a century) and is developing connected technologies and solutions to manage energy and process in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable, for projects in Infrastructure, civil and residence buildings, industrial installations and data centres.

The Group invests in R&D in order to sustain innovation and differentiation, with a strong commitment to sustainable development. All of its operations revolve around the concept of making the most for its clients’ energy.

Schneider Electric needed to capitalize on the extensive clientele, by identifying their needs and elevate their loyalty behavior towards the company and its solutions. Digital technology had to be more involved in the company’s operations and to create the necessary communication channels for an omnichannel approach, so as to enhance the sales and loyalty sections of its business operations.

The challenges of such an endeavor, were mainly of strategic nature, in terms of the loyalty buildup of the communicational approach. The client database, had to be largely enriched with the necessary information, of not only demographic section but also of the shopping behavior. By doing so, the next step was to identify the needs and select strategically, what would be the best way in incentivizing professionals and not end consumers. A cross platform approach (Microsite, mobile app) is always presented with the challenge of direct alignment and to be operational as 2 pipelines towards the same pool of information, without drop-offs. The actual success of the program was also a main challenge, as this would demonstrate, not only the correct decision in terms of implementation but also of the appropriate commercial decision, along with the communication frequency to have the targeted audience engaged. In the end, the result should focus on achieving the main goals:

  • Reward loyal customers
  • Increase loyal customers’ sales
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Achieve multichannel communication

The targeted audience, must find everything quick, simple, easy, intriguing and of course largely rewarding. For this purpose, and to maintain the omnichannel approach, a dedicated microsite, a dedicated mobile app and a dedicated Facebook App Log in were created by Pobuca-Sieben, with the sole focus placed on loyalty, based on the Pobuca Loyalty platform. Once these were operational, then there was the launch of targeted and personalized campaigns, through the information obtained by those channels, through them respectively.

Schneider’s reward program is called i-NRG 4U and all the points collected are registered and are valid for each 1 € (one euro) of purchase of Schneider Electric products, ie 1 € = 1 credit. Points are automatically awarded with the purchase of products from Schneider’s official distribution network, provided that the user has registered and is a member of i-NRG4U online scheme.

An electrician interested to enroll in i-NRG4U reward program, fills in his/her contact details (name, VAT, no. Mobile tel., D / Division) in a special form available in the shops and hand it over to the manager. Enrollment is also possible through the microsite and/or the mobile app. By gaining access to the available platforms (microsite, mobile app), the registered user can find out with just one click the number of points he/she has accumulated, the gifts that are allocated respectively (Redemption at 6.000, 12.000 or 22.000 points) as well as the gift redemption. A Facebook Application has also been developed making enrollment the simplest of processes. With regards to the in-store experience and the concept of quick shopping, Schneider also created an additional application that serves as a useful and practical presentation of products list for both staff and customers.

The way that the program has been developed provides several benefits which provides added value to the company:

  • It is simple to use and implement, and could be effective with high customer satisfaction rates.
  • The company selects the products themselves who want to allocate as bonus gifts as not to affect overall profitability (products in large stock, old codes etc.)
  • The customer has the possibility to choose only between different gifts that may be available.
  • Can help increase sales through bonding with the brand and through the ‘hunt’ gifts
  • Enhances company’s business image
  • Can fulfill the need for mass informing members club with personalized messages email, newsletter & SMS
  • It is an additional channel of communication and advertising
  • Can contribute to the maintenance of a well-built customer database

By the successful implementation of the digital platforms, Schneider Electric:

  1. Has communicated offers and promotions, to the right audiences, with an immediate elevating effect in sales.
  2. Customer digital profiles have enabled the company, to collect invaluable data, so as to design highly personalized marketing campaigns, and not only enhance raw sales, but also increase customer engagement.
  3. For 2014 and 2015, there were 8 distributors, active on the digitized loyalty scheme. This actually means, by translating it into numbers, that 70 POS covered produced 1000+ registrations, from diffused markets. The main customer segmentation was consisted by electricians, panel builders, system integrators, technical companies and retail branches.