Strong attendance of Pobuca-Sieben at the Economist event “TAKING CYBERSPHERE TO THE NEXT LEVEL”

28 March 2019

Pobuca-Sieben participated as Gold sponsor in The Economist event, entitled “Taking Cybersphere to the next level”, which took place on March 18th 2019 at Grand Hyatt Athens. This event brought together speakers from Greece and abroad who had the opportunity to participate in a discussion about cybersecurity.

More specifically, Isidoros Sideridis, Pobuca-Sieben CEO, took part in the module Today’s research is tomorrow’s technology” and analyzed what it actually means to help customers automate their relationships with their own customers and contacts. He also addressed the issue of how companies can benefit from AI algorithms and monitor customer data, so that they can provide real-time information. Isidoros Sideridis also stated that “Not all customers are the same” and bots managing those algorithms must develop a kind of empathy, so that they can adapt to customers’ profiles.

In the link below you may find our presentation:



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