FEBRUARY 01, 2021

In light of its constant development, Kafkas S.A. needed an effective customer relationship management system (CRM).

Kafkas S.A. provides electrical and lighting equipment offering solutions, services and products to a wide range of clientele, from installation electricians to construction companies and industries. It is the leading Greek company in electrical equipment sales with focal selling points in most parts of Greece.

Original challenges
The company needed an immediate solution for better customer service and improvement in users’ daily life and efficiency.
The various departments needed a total customer picture and immediate informing in a central location that would allow easier management and utilization of data.
Business process modeling and automation in a united CRM/ERP platform was deemed necessary.

Why chosen
In light of its constant development, Kafkas S.A. needed an effective customer relationship management system (CRM) and a complete platform offering new abilities and replacing the previous programs used by the company. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Platform was chosen to contribute to the better organization of the sales team and better management of projects, offers, monetary control, competitions, events/training as well as marketing actions. The effective utilization of the platform and its additional abilities will give the company a competitive advantage over its competitors.

Τhe work was implemented in a web environment aiming at reducing resource consumption.
Installation of automated call center for connection with Dynamics CRM for quicker and immediate appearance of important information to the call agents.
Business restructure & business automation to the customer care department with automated processes of information transfer.
For marketing needs, the company chose Pobuca Loyalty, the integrated marketing platform of SiEBEN that allows design and implementation of every kind of marketing campaign and massive communication (sending messages via newsletters, emails, sms, push notifications, post leaflets etc)


  •  Dynamics CRM platform integrated with the operation of departments of sales, marketing, supply, credit control, informatics and Kafkas S.A. stores network
  • Communication of CRM system with regional business systems managed to offer users a total picture of customers/ partners of Kafkas S.A with immediate ability and efficiency in decision making.
  • Pobuca Loyalty integration made reporting and statistical data collection more effective for every marketing action, while, at the same time, there is support for an automated, massive and personalized communication via email & SMS.