How to make work from home... work

FEBRUARY 01, 2021

An important accomplishment for the Pobuca platform which is certified by Microsoft as an integrated system of added value in the Dynamics 365 ecosystem.

Pobuca has created the ultimate remote working guide, with the most efficient DOs and DONTs!

The COVID-19 pandemic is far from being over and done with. Social distancing is here for good, with millions of people finding themselves working from home, in a remote working trend looking soon to become the new “normal” in our lives.

Surely, these months we have run into all sorts of tips and tricks, and maybe quite a few of us have put a real effort into making it all right; adopt better eating habits, put some jogging to our lives, maybe some meditation a new approach in life and work habits, a fresh start for everyone. But all these life-changing habits tend to loosen up as time goes by and the “new’’ becomes “normal’’.

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