Empower your people

Empower your people

Boost your employees’ productivity and collaboration through AI tools that streamline workflows and remove bottlenecks.

Make the experience feel more human

At Pobuca we believe that customers generate revenue, but employees drive the experience.

Technology isn’t the final solution, but it’s the enabler. Great employee tools bring stronger, smarter, more innovative ideas, which will drive the future business model, goals, and superb customer experience.

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Increase customer demand, create seamless customer experiences, automate, and monitor personalized customer journeys.

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Track sales opportunities, better understand customer needs, engage more effectively with your customers, and achieve higher deals.

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Field Sales

Automate your field sales execution with a mobile app, access all customers' data offline, and perform the daily tasks.

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Adopt an intelligent call center, deliver tailor-made customer service across digital channels with AI tools, and ensure consistency.

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Manage and share your business contacts with your colleagues, and automate everyday tasks with Pobuca bot, the virtual assistant.

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Save time, boost the team’s productivity easily and simple, create, communicate, collaborate, and get great work done just in one place.

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Get valuable insights, predict behaviors, make better business decisions, increase revenue, and drive your business to grow with BI.

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Customer Voice

Enhance your brand, optimize your processes, analyze customer feedback, and turn it into customer experience alerts and insights.

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Creating flawless customer experience, boosting loyalty, and decreasing marketing budget gets easier by investing in smart AI solutions.


Building a profitable pipeline, getting to know the customers, tracking sales opportunities, and winning more deals with just one platform.


Improving employees’ productivity and collaboration, automating tasks, and leveraging AI and ML with a board line of business tools.

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Build your clientele and manage real-time your open contracts, stop losing important deadlines and meetings, and keep your tasks organized and updated.


Organize your tasks efficiently, set reminders, facilitate the communication between your colleagues and partners, and send targeted campaigns.


Offer a personalized and unique 360° patient experience based on insights, analytics, and reports powered by AI and ML technologies.


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