AI and our illusions about life

I love science. I really do. There was a quote that I read lately about science, which I really like, as I think it encapsulates the very meaning of it, “it separates sense from non-sense”

The game changer in Customer Service is here

Customer Service bots have now become a reality for many and is only a matter of time before these 24/7, AI-driven, service agents become the actual frontliners of customer support across businesses.

Getting back to a pandemic-free… future

Back to the Future is, to those that already don’t know - really now? - a famous 1985 science fiction film, regarded as one of the greatest films of all time.

An open letter to Pobuca employees

Wow, what a year! Who could imagine last year that I will be writing this letter amidst lockdown, missing all the great moments we had together before the pandemic, the lunch breaks, the parties, the jokes at the corridors, the meetings - yes, even the meetings!