AI-powered Customer Service

Today, advances in technology are once again transforming customer engagement capabilities and service delivery models. And this time, it’s about much more than getting best numbers on call deflection or cost reduction.

Listening up to your customers

Being a good listener can build mutual trust and confidence, being amongst the most valued skills in both personal and business relationships.

Incorporating AI ethics

It was 2018 when we started working on our new statement of purpose for Pobuca. The very same year where we put our focus into becoming an AI-first company, dedicating almost 80% of our R&D budget solely to AI-related advancements.

Man’s biggest illusion

In the previous article we talked about a number of certainties around our lives and how they may be overturned because of AI. Let’s now talk about the biggest illusion of all that’s about to be unveiled before our own eyes in the years to come..

What Pobuca is really all about

Customer Experience can make, or break, your business. And that being so, it’s still hard to get a full grasp of it and make it really work. Why?