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  • Kickstart 2021 with Customer Voice

    January 11, 2021 cx

    2021 has arrived unevenly as it seems, and has to carry 2020’s pendings on its shoulders while getting things back to the new normality double pace at the same time. Amongst the great many things that are anticipated, 2021 is expected to be bringing the consumers back closer to the brands once again, making sure that businesses stay well connected to the end customers.


  • How to turn holiday shoppers into loyal customers

    December 04, 2020 loyalty

    While the first lockdown on the Covid-19 has changed our lives and working routines, we would have never imagined, the autumn lockdown that has followed the ‘’carefree’’ summer season, was surely set to bring the big change to our customer habits, as well.


  • 7+1 tips to boost team motivation

    October 19, 2020 productivity

    There could be times when all the right collaboration tools are there, so is the team’s skillset, yet magic doesn't seem to happen and you don’t exactly know where to look into, tools or people?