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  • How to choose a CRM software

    May 01, 2021 crm

    Everybody knows that a CRM system is a must for any B2B business. But, how do you choose the right CRM vendor? From deployment methods to functionality, from integrations to user experience, let’s have a look at the thing you will have to consider before you select the right CRM for your business.

  • How to choose your loyalty platform

    April 28, 2021 loyalty

    While a loyalty program can boost your business, choosing the right platform is the one that would bring in your results. To make sure that you can choose the best loyalty platform for your brand, you should take into consideration the needs of your business as well as your customers’.

  • 10 benefits of loyalty program for customers

    April 27, 2021 loyalty

    Customer loyalty occurs when a customer prefers a particular company consistently over its competitors. When customers are loyal, their buying decision is not influenced by the price or availability, as they would rather wait or pay more to get the same quality they are familiar with.

  • Leverage digital customer engagement

    April 25, 2021 loyalty

    In today’s digital world, consumers want their relationship with each brand to grow into something more meaningful, making businesses to be having to work harder than ever to keep customers engaged and happy, to keep their customers loyal and satisfied.

  • How to measure customer loyalty

    April 19, 2021 loyalty

    It is admittingly hard to measure customer loyalty, as it is a feeling or even better an indication of an intention. But measurement is the key step in customer loyalty management so that we have the tools to optimize our loyalty programs.

  • Customer experience in retail 

    April 14, 2021 CX

    It is a fact that the backbone of retail has always been physical sales, having customer experience being correlated with the corresponding physical elements and touchpoints. As the world of retail is evolving through e-commerce, retail customer experience has also evolved.

  • What is a CRM?

    April 09, 2021 crm

    CRM refers to the software that is used by enterprises with all customer interactions for developing, retaining, and acquiring customers. It gathers and digitizes customer data from multiple channels. A CRM system mission is to help organizations build customer relationships and streamline processes.

  • Insightful knowledge shapes future business’ landscape

    April 07, 2021 CX

    If there is anything that the pandemic has brought to the business, is an abrupt digital acceleration; businesses that are better digitized are the ones that find themselves in a better position to move forward, than the traditional ones. Some say that we have “ a 10-year evolutionary leap toward digital” in retailing and this is a statement that looks to be very close to the truth.