On the first Tuesday in October, the CX community celebrates CX day as an opportunity to acknowledge great customer experience work, discover professional CX development opportunities, and strengthen professional networks. And this is how CX Day 2020 looks at a glance.

If you have content to distribute, which you definitely should, LinkedIn has to be your B2B marketing strategy’s first stop.

With the coronavirus pandemic raging around the world, social distancing is here for good and remote working is one of its great assets against the Covid19 pandemic, minimizing the chances for the virus to be caught during a commute or in communal office spaces.

With Microsoft Teams you can communicate with your partners, share files, organize calls, meetings, and live events- like webinars, all in one place, on an “everywhere access” and with many integrations.

“We measure success by the way we touch the lives of people” – Bob Chapman, The Value of Identifying Values

Engaging your customers with omnichannel & personalized campaigns can take some serious effort and planning and is a trial-and-error process that needs solid KPI’s constant optimization to improve its performance at every turn. Check below our highlights for a successful campaign.