Athens October 24th 2019 – Pobuca (ex. SiEBEN) within the frame of an informative session dedicated to its strategic placement in the local and international CRM market, presented its business and investment planning for the next years to come, following the significant funding it has received over the previous three years.

 As part of the presentation made in the context of a media lunch held for Greek media representatives, the CEO at Pobuca Mr. Isidoros Sideridis referred to the EUR 5 mln in fresh capital raised since 2016 when the company concluded its major restructuring. Since then, the company managed to finalize a second funding cycle raising additional funding amounting to EUR 2 mln provided by Greek and British investors. Furthermore, the rapid growth rates recorded by Pobuca, have attracted interest from within the company, as there are employees who decided to invest money in order to acquire a stake in the company.

 Seeking to further enhance its Artificial Intelligence solutions, with Pobuca Bot application been considered as a key part of its business planning, Pobuca will invest a significant part of its raised capital on this area of operation, while significant emphasis will be given to the expansion of the company’s global activity. The next major step includes the expansion in other foreign markets, such as Brazil and Mexico

 Moreover, within the frame of the expansion in markets of Latin America, Mr. Sideridis announced that Pobuca and Telefónica Argentina have signed an agreement for the distribution of a private-labeled digital contacts manager application, which is based on Pobuca Connect app. The new application will help the operator’s clients to have anywhere access to their business contacts and share them with their co-workers, in a user-friendly, well-fashioned and secure manner. In addition, the new digital contacts manager application allows users to constantly update their contacts list by scanning business cards or capturing email signatures so as to sync all their devices and be automatically updated with the latest info.

 “We always aim to stand in the center of developments related to cutting-edge technologies in order to be able to respond to the modern and constantly changing needs of our clients. In this context we work on a daily basis so that to offer the most innovative technology solutions, while our primary mission is to provide the best possible solutions and the best CRM platforms. The significant funding we have managed to raise over the previous years constitute a vote of confidence from our investors, with whom we share the same enthusiasm and the same passion for technology. Moreover, our cooperation with a telecommunications giant such as Telefónica fully reflects the emphasis we give on our international operation while it also confirms our vision to further boost our global footprint. We remain committed to our goals and our clients, so than to make Pobuca a brand which will be synonymous with innovation, technical know-how and top performance” stated Mr. Sideridis.

 “Telefonica´s Open Innovation area has the opportunity to develop, boost and implement a valuable proposition which satisfies the customer needs, hyperconnectivity and immediacy,  personalization, and, above all, increasingly digital interactions. This also includes not only limitless connectivity but also digital solutions for their daily problems.  This is why we integrate Pobuca Connect app, an invested company by Wayra UK, which allows Telefónica´s customers to access  their business contacts and share them with their co-workers, in a user-friendly, well-fashioned and secure manner. We reconnect with our new digital customer and we build a more humane world, presenting an attractive and relevant value proposition, empowering people to control their digital lives and offering them the best technology there is” stated Paola Loiacono, Head of Open Innovation at Telefónica Argentina.